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The programme is intended for all those who wish to develop and improve their skills of intercultural communication in the language of international communication, taking into account the specifics of the target language country.

The programme is implemented by Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) and the University of York, traditional international universities widely known for their innovative educational programmes keeping up with the times and the challenges of the globalized world; for their orientation towards comprehensive training of highly qualified specialists able to be successful in different countries of the world. Studying at the universities contributes to immersion in the international student environment, allowing to apply in practice the acquired intercultural communication skills.

The purpose of training students under the programme “Intercultural Dialogue: Moscow – York” is the development and improvement of their communication skills in a foreign language of international communication, taking into account the regional specifics. 

The programme “Intercultural Dialogue: Moscow –York” is jointly implemented by the Continuing Education Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University and TheCentre for Global Programmes, University of York.

This training programme includes basic information on history and culture of Great Britain, Introduction to Intercultural Communication, Successful Presentation Skills and Academic Language Skills.




92 ак.ч.
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